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5 Simple Ways to Expand Your Vocabulary

Along with proper grammar and proper in text citations, when writing an essay it is important to say your points in a clear and direct way—and of course to try to sound smart doing it! While usin ...

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How to Find the Motivation to Study

As the holiday season rolls around, you’re presented with a myriad of distractions, in the form of orchestrating plans for break, watching holiday specials on TV and buying gifts for loved ones. But the additional holiday cheer does not mean a break in coursework—in fact, many students are gearing up for finals. The last push before Thanksgi ...

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Using Boolean Operators for Better Search Results

Odds are you’ve already conducted hundreds of online searches in your life. But have you used Boolean operators before? If not, read on! Most of us start off using “natural language” when searching for information online. Natural language refers to the way in which humans usually communicate and speak with one another. For example, say ...

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Quantitative vs. Qualitative Research

Different types of projects demand different types of research. For instance, the process that goes into writing a paper on a scientific experiment is vastly different from that of a history thesis. So how can you separate these types of research, and which kind is right for your project? Below, we describe the two most common types of research: Qu ...

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8 Instagram Accounts Every College Student Should Follow

Instagram is useful for keeping up with friends and following the lives of celebrities, but the photo sharing application is also a great place for college students to get tips for success both inside and outside of the classroom. Here are eight accounts that’ll help you to get through and thrive during your four years of college. ...

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Starting College: 6 Tips to Having the Best Freshman Year Ever!

Going to college is a big transition. After all, you’re leaving behind the confines of your high school (and the security of being the oldest class in school), and you might be heading far from home, without any familiar faces in sight. Going to college might be nerve wracking, exciting or anywhere in between—and it’s okay to be nervous ...

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