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7 Student Freebies You Should be Using


Does your tuition bill have your bank account feeling broke? If so, worry no longer! As a college student, you are entitled to a great deal of discounts and freebies that those in the “real world” can only dream of. To help you out in taking advantage of these frugal finds, we have compiled the best 7 freebies for you to take advantage of as a college student.

A University Library Card

The college library is a hidden gem at nearly every institution. From movies, to music and books (and so much more), the library is an easy and free place to get all of your media needs taken care of. Many libraries even offer a free writing center which will help you with writing any type of academic work from essays to lab reports.

Transit Perks

Just about every mass-transportation option available has some kind of student perk. Always have your student ID with you as you purchase tickets and be sure to ask, even if nothing is posted.

Amazon Student

Amazon Prime is always a hit amongst students who love the free shipping feature. But did you know you can try it for 6 months free of charge? Just give Amazon a .edu email address and the first 6 months are on Amazon! Check the official website because promotions are subject to change.

T-shirts Galore

Joining clubs is a great way to make friends at school, but did you know they also come with some serious perks? Attend your school’s student organization fair to stock up on all sorts of freebies from water bottles, to t-shirts. No strings attached!

The Gym

This one may not be free, but you pay for it whether you use it or not! Exercise can be an excellent way to be productive, reduce stress, and maximize your academic potential. Check out your school’s gym to see what they offer including bowling alleys, swimming pools, workout equipment and machines, basketball courts, and more!


Nothing helps to cure studying blues quite like a good playlist. As a student, you are eligible for half price on Spotify Premium. This service allows you to listen to music for hours without being interrupted by pesky advertisements. Check Spotify’s official website for details as promotions are subject to change.

Health Services

Most schools have a Health Services department of some kind. Whether you need a routine check-up, or want to finally get help with a pesky cold, Student Health Services can be a great resource for you! Many even offer free take-home bags like cold packs (cold and flu medicine), stress relief kits (snacks and other stress-reducing goodies), and contraception. Also, be sure to get your annual flu shot here, usually at no charge or for a very small fee!

Who knew your Student ID could be such a powerful tool? Take it everywhere you go and take advantage of these brilliant discounts, deals and so much more!

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