6 Simple Ways to Succeed This Semester 


After a busy school year, we all appreciate the time to just relax. But while the break between semesters offers a prime opportunity to unwind, you can also use the time to prepare for the semester ahead.

Here are our tips on how you can use your time off wisely—and set yourself up for success in the coming semester. Then, start your semester off right by running a free grammar check on your first essay!

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Tip #1: Get your supplies organized

Prior to the start of the semester, make sure you have your school supplies purchased. If you’re using a backpack you’ve used in the past, clean it out prior to the first day of classes. Pro tip: check to see if you have any unused supplies laying around from the previous semester before heading to the store (or hitting up Amazon). You may be surprised to find brand-new binders, notebooks or loose leaf paper in your own home.

Tip #2: Organize your planner

Oftentimes, professors make syllabi available to the class in advance, meaning you can determine when your workload will be heaviest—and plan accordingly. Whether you keep a physical day planner or use an app, make sure to get organized from day one. It’s easy to let things slip as the semester progresses, so it’s important to start off strong.

Tip #3: Set goals for yourself

Before the semester gets going, come up with a few goals for yourself. Are you hoping to fulfill your final general education requirement? Do you want to make the Dean’s list or honor roll? Come up with some concrete things you can aim toward over the course of the semester, then write those goals down so you can hold yourself accountable.

Tip #4: Learn from your past mistakes

Think about your past educational experiences and pinpoint where you have room for improvement. Do you tend to cram before big exams because you’ve procrastinated too much? Do you get overwhelmed when writing essays and then submit without proofreading or properly formatting your MLA works cited? Analyze the errors you’ve made in the past and come up with ways to do better.

Tip #5: Make connections with professors

Whether you’re planning to go to graduate school or enter the workforce, it’s important to develop strong connections with professors during college so that you have people to write you letters of recommendation, serve as your references, and even provide you with job opportunities. Before the semester begins, take some time to research your professors and determine whether they have similar interests to your own. If you develop a close relationship with professors, they will want to help you succeed, both academically and professionally.

Tip #6: Have fun

Before the semester starts, make a bucket list filled with fun things you want to do before year’s end. Although the main purpose of college is to learn, many enriching experiences can be had outside the classroom. Get involved in extracurriculars that you enjoy. Carve out time to hang out with friends. And take some time to take care of yourself, whether that means binge watching a TV show or doing a face mask.

Follow these tips, and you’ll go into next semester feeling refreshed and confident. May you have the best semester ever!

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