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Take Your Tutoring to the Next Level with the Socratic Method

Tutoring can be a rewarding and fun job! Especially if you’re interested in working in education and you enjoy helping others understand challenging material. Your #1 goal as a tutor is to make yourself obsolete. Wait, what? ...

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Exciting News!: Purdue OWL Partners with Chegg

Imagine combining the tools of your favorite citing and writing service (Citation Machine, a Chegg service), with the expertise of a leading name in writing resources. That’s exactly what we’ve done with a new agreement between Chegg, Inc. and the Purdue University Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL). ...

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6 Steps to Choosing a College with No Regrets

You’re nearly there. Only one semester is left between you and choosing your own classes, meeting new people, and independence! But first you have to choose a college, and it can feel like an impossible decision. There’s no crystal ball to tell you what to do, bu ...

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5 Cool Careers for English Majors

  Welcome English majors (or those considering it)! We’re here to tell you that by the end of your studies, you’ll have bankable skills that can be applied to positions across a variety of fields. The analytical/writing comprehension skills learned in the classroom will come in handy for a wide range of jo ...

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6 Tips for Reading and Actually Understanding Academic Papers

  Raise your hand if you’ve read a paragraph over and over, but still had no clue what you just read. It’s not a bad sign because it means you’re trying to learn new things, but when you hit that wall and don’t know how to conquer it, having a plan can be a lifesaver. ...

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6 Steps to Moving Past a College Rejection

College admissions can be totally random. You can have all of the right scores, amazing extracurriculars, great grades, and glowing essays, but sometimes things don’t work out in your favor. Use these six steps in helping to accept a difficult part of finding the right college for you—hearing the word no. ...

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