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5 Cool Careers for English Majors



Welcome English majors (or those considering it)! We’re here to tell you that by the end of your studies, you’ll have bankable skills that can be applied to positions across a variety of fields. The analytical/writing comprehension skills learned in the classroom will come in handy for a wide range of jobs and careers where you can thrive.

Aside from developing strong analytical and writing skills, English majors are also known as being well-organized and good at time management—two things that are an asset in pretty much any industry.

Below, we’ve rounded up five cool career options for English majors to explore.

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Public Relations

Put your writing skills and creativity to the test through a job in public relations (PR)! In PR, you’ll find yourself expertly crafting press releases and communicating with journalists. As PR focuses on creating positive press for a company and limiting bad press, telling compelling narratives is also key. The job also may require some event-planning, for which good organizational skills are a must.


If you’re an English major, chances are you’re a lifelong lover of reading who knows their way around a library. For English majors hoping to put their curriculum from the classroom into direct action, a role as a librarian may be the perfect fit. Librarians have the chance to explore literature (and nonfiction) as they select new texts to purchase, make book recommendations, and help library patrons navigate through a library’s resources. Becoming a librarian means entering a Library Science Master’s program which equals more time at the library!

Fun fact: There are different kinds of librarians (academic, public, medical, law, etc.)! So if you have a special interest, choose a library that caters to it. For example, if you enjoy history and handling unique documents, archives may be for you. Or, if you’re an extrovert, you might enjoy being a public librarian who has a lot of interaction with the public, plans programs, and conducts community outreach.


Advertising agencies are filled with folks who didn’t major in advertising—especially when it comes to those on the creative side. For English majors who love writing creatively and collaborating with others, a career in advertising might be a wise move. Copywriters, who develop the text for campaigns, get to write daily and have their work viewed by large audiences. It can be fun to see your own creation placed on billboards, TV, and the Internet.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is a fairly common job for English majors, and it’s a good gig! It requires boiling down complex, technical information into words that the layman can easily understand. A specific task might involve writing a manual or instruction pamphlet. While the job is pretty straightforward and well paying, it doesn’t allow much room for creativity.


It’s a myth that all journalists attended journalism school; English majors’ strong communication skills translate well into this career path. Some journalists spend much of the day in a newsroom, others have on-the-go positions that take them out in the field on a daily basis. The job can involve writing for a newspaper, radio station, or TV show, meaning there’s some variety within this career path.

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