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Five Reasons to Sign Up For Summer School

We smell summer in the air (and maybe BBQ)! No more papers to write, APA citations to create, or tests to stress about. Summer school might be last on your list of things that make a really great summer. However, with the summer break stretching on for two to three months, there are lots of good rea ...

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Five Reasons To Skip Summer School

Many colleges and universities offer summer school programs with a wide range of courses for those who want to continue learning while regular classes are on a break. Adding to your education and gaining extra academic credits may seem like the smartest way to spend the summer, but it isn't necessarily the right choice for everyone. Here are fiv ...

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Feature Highlight: Annotated Bibliography

Your teacher might have asked you to include an annotated bibliography in a paper. Never fear—it’s easy to create annotated citations with Citation Machine! First of all, what is an annotated bibliography? Unlike a traditional w ...

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Is There a Secret Behind Academic Success?

Published by Citation Machine, 5/16/18 Do you ever wonder why one student fails, while another succeeds? It's generally believed that for students to succeed academically, they must "study hard." Of course, there’s plenty of research showing that the duration and quality of one's studying affects the grades they receive. Still ...

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Nailed It! Cover Letter Tips for Recent College Grads

You did it! Papers complete with MLA citations are handed in. Exams are done. Library books are returned. Congrats—you finally completed the hard-won battle of receiving that degree! After you’ve recovered from all the graduation celebrations and found a place on the wall for your diploma, it ...

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Four Ways to Tell if Your Professor Is Talking About Something Important

by Amanda Cross Keeping up with a college lecture could be an Olympic sport. Some students are so afraid of missing something important that they write down everything. But this can be dangerous, as it means there’s lots of extraneous fluff to dig through later. ...

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