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Small Strategies That Elevate Your Writing

There’s one universal truth about writing: there are always ways to improve. Sure, you may not be a wordsmith by birth—after all, writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to strengthen your skills. Trust us; you’ll be amazed at how much your writing can be elevated with a few simple tweaks ...

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General Strategies on Prepping for SAT Writing and Language

Studying grammar can be a pain. Punctuation? Subject-Verb agreement? Clausal errors? If you’re already shaking your head, don’t worry! O ...

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General Strategies on Prepping for SAT Reading

Reading one 750 word passage is hard. Reading four 750 word passages in a row and answering 52 questions within 65 minutes seems impossible, but don’t fret! Once you get some key strategies under your belt, you’ll find that the SAT Reading test isn’t so bad. Reading is one skill, writing is anothe ...

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5 Mistakes a Grammar Checker Can Catch

You’ve just finished writing what you think is the perfect paper, or at least one within the required word count. A proofread is SO needed, but you’re totally brain dead after working on it for hours. At times like these, a ...

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Art of Asking for a Reference

It can be difficult to work up the courage to ask someone for a reference, whether you want to list them on a job application or need them to write you a letter of recommendation. But strong references are incredibly important: they increase your odds of getting that new job or being admitted to your dream program. ...

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Fun Ways to Flex Your Writing Muscles This Summer

When you’re free to write without the constraints of academic papers, unexpected things can happen. You might even surprise yourself with what comes flowing from your fingers! Try these creative writing exercises to tap into your expressive side while keeping your brain nimble this summer. ...

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