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Fresh Features for Smart Students

The Citation Machine writing tools service is a popular tool best known for its citation generator and its grammar and plagiarism checker. But did you know that it also offers features that personalize the writing experience to your specific needs? Here ...

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Using Apostrophes in the Right Ways

Apostrophe is a big word for a such a little symbol. Apostrophes have a couple typical uses: to form possessive nouns (the cat’s collar) or form contractions/replace omitted letters (can’t, don’t, won’t, the ‘70s). Simple in theory, complicated in execution. From ...

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15 Old-Timey Words We Need To Bring Back

Words come and go in the English language, but there are definitely a few archaic ones that are worth sprinkling into today’s conversations. Whether you want to use a word with a ridiculously specific definition or a word that’s just fun to say, here are some old-timey words we need to bring back from the past: ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing a Better Email

Sending important emails can be stressful. Do I have the right grammar? Do I sound professional enough? Is my question clear? Use these step-by-step tips to build your confidence and get the best responses when sending emails and other messages to professors, potential employers, and advisors. ...

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Conquer Procrastination in 4 Steps

Let’s be real for a second: everyone procrastinates. It’s a bad habit that affects everyone from teenaged students to business big-shots (whether they admit it or not). Putting off that one research paper ...

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4 Infamous Plagiarism Cases

Sure, academic honesty policies are a syllabi staple at colleges where plagiarizing can lead to an F or expulsion, but the consequences can be even more serious in the working world. Although schools sometimes grant students a second chance before giving them the boot, copying can cost you a career later in life. Her ...

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