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Get the scoop on citation basics and how to cite different sources in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats with our citation guides here.

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Annotations are a great way to add a summary of your personal thoughts about a source. To include yours, go to the citation form and fill out the "Add Annotation" field.

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Your teacher will be looking at the kind of sources that were cited. Take a moment to think about the credibility of your sources before using them in your paper or project.

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Whether your teacher is asking for parenthetical citations or footnotes, we have you covered with our in-text citation tools. Access it by clicking the "parenthetical" or "footnote" link under the appropriate citation.

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Creating a citation starts with knowing what kind of source you're citing. We have citation forms for over 50 different source types! Click "Other" to see the options.

What’s Autocite?

With Autocite, you tell us a little about your source and we try to search for and find the information you need to cite it. It’s very easy and can be used with 22 different source types!

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