Why do I have this page?

To cite this source, you used our quick and easy auto-fill feature. Based on the source you searched for and selected, we try to find as much citation information as possible to make this process easier for you.

This page is a reminder not to forget to:

  1. confirm the information that was found
  2. look for any information that could not be found

Doesn’t Citation Machine automatically find all the information for me?

Citation Machine pulls from various databases or existing information to find the source’s citation information. As you can imagine, we do our best but this can be tricky and we can only pull information that the source’s publisher has provided. So it’s up to you to make sure that it’s accurate and complete.

If I want to make a correct citation, must I find all the information that was not found?

It depends on the source type and the style. Your chosen citation style may ask for information that is not necessarily highlighted here. The information that we present on this page focuses on the most commonly needed fields.

What happens next?

Click “Final Step” to view the citation form where you can review, edit, and enter any information, as needed. Even if you are unsure, input as much information as possible.